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Mating Season, Marketplace Mayhem, The Secret Garden, Affliction, Wrath, and Need, Bleeding Hearts, Fault and Forgiveness, Honeymaroon, The Secrets We Keep, Mess Deck, Disciplinary Action Ahead, Visiting Hours Are Over, Falling Into Place, All Bets Are Off, Soul Searching, Resistance, Innocence Lost, Little Women, Conduct Unbecoming, Undermine, Chained, The Lost Lightsaber, A Day Long Remembered, Inappropriate Conduct, Tremayne, Disk Details, Unpleasantries, For They Have Sown the Wind, Pecking Order, The Welcoming Committee, Daddy Issues, Mistrial, A Walk on the Bridge, Target Practice, Shore Leave, The End of the Beginning, Unexpected Déjà Vu, Sixteen and Pregnant, Foiled Grand Entrance, The Retributor, A Dress for a Droid, Error Code: 0x0959286, The Rescuers, R&R: Retributor and Recovery, Trials and Tribulations, The Wrath of a Good Man, A Game of Cat and Mouse, Never Sleep Alone, Another Bomb Drops, A Late Shower, Unanticipated Alliance, 20,000 Credits
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