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Kerrie Kiley was born on the planet Zolan in the Mid Rim in Year 8. Her parents were Robert and Kristen Kiley, who owned a small transport company that held a lucrative Republic shipping contract. As a member of the Clawdite race, Kerrie grew up in a segmented minority on Zolan. In addition, she expressed a competitive nature from an early age that others in her society rarely possessed.

Kerrie was only five when the galaxy erupted into civil war following the Battle of Geonosis. The war soon reached Zolan when the leaders of the Clawdite society pledged their support to the Confederacy of Independent Systems. They believed that if they helped defeat the Republic, the Confederacy would liberate their people from the harsh rule of the Zolander majority. However, her father could not decide which side to support. He wanted to support his people, but his family's livelihood depended on income from his Republic contract. In the end, the Republic made the decision for him when the Galactic Senate terminated his contract in response to the Clawdite support of the Confederacy. Unfortunately, the news came too late to affect Robert's decision to support the Clawdites and they alienated him and his family for their indecisiveness. The Kiley's became a family without a race.

With no prospects, Robert and Kristen reluctantly abandoned Kerrie at the monastery of the Mabari, an ancient order of warrior-knights. Taking the only freighter his creditors did not reposes, the couple left the divided Zolan to rebuild their shattered lives. Normally, Clawdites were not accepted for training with the Mabari because of the deep seeded xenophobia that existed on Zolan. However, she was discovered by Cabel Harn, a respected warrior-knight, who chose to train her.  Kerrie trained for thirteen long years with the Mabari, transforming from a young girl into a woman before their eyes. By the time she reached the age of eighteen, she had reached third level mastery of the Mabari martial arts.

A powerful warrior, Kerrie's greed got the better of her and she chose to leave Zolan and profit from the skills she had honed during her training. This decision did not sit well with her Mabari compatriots. They were highly religious and had no tolerance for her decision to dirty her hands with the blood of others in exchange for credits. However, before she could leave Zolan she had to find a way past the blockade the Galactic Empire had put into effect to keep the Clawdites quarantined.

The only vessels that traveled to the surface of Zolan were Imperial transports. Kerrie knew that her only way off Zolan would be to get aboard one of those ships somehow. For several days, she carefully scouted the spaceport and watched the procedures the transport crew conducted daily. Finally, it was her time to strike. Using her martial arts training, she stealthily disabled the personnel assigned to unload the transport's cargo. Now armed, she boarded the transport and disposed of the rest of the crew.

After evading the Imperial blockade of Zolan, Kerrie moved towards the Core into the Expansion Region. She settled on Denon, one of the most urbanized worlds in the Empire. In order to find work on Denon, she constantly maintained an appearance as a beautiful, young human female. This made it easier for her to find work as a bodyguard for the wealthy citizens of Denon. She tried her hand at corporate security and guarding the lives of the rich and powerful, but in the end, she found herself bored by the lack of action and excitement. After accumulating a considerable sum of credits, she left Denon and headed to the heart of the Empire, Imperial Center.

On Coruscant, Kerrie had to go through custom procedures that were much more advanced than she previously encountered. The scanners she passed through detected the genetic variances unique to the Clawdite species, which set off a red flag. The elite Coruscant Guard soon arrived and disabled her after a short fight. When she awoke, she found herself in a holding cell in the custody of the Imperial Security Bureau. The officer conducting her interrogation, Captain Arden Zevrin, believed her unique ability to shapeshift would enable her to infiltrate organizations that catered to an eclectic range of alien species. Faced with the choice of serving the Empire or facing execution, Kerrie wasted no time in agreeing to serve the Empire.

Kerrie underwent a rigorous training regimen that expanded greatly upon the skills she had already learned during her time with the Mabari warrior-knights. When her training was complete, Captain Zevrin inserted her into a Stormtrooper unit under the command of Captain Zev Ordo. She was the only woman in the unit and found herself the victim of endless taunts and hazing. In many respects, it reminded her of home. Once again, she was a member of the hated minority.

When Kerrie was twenty-two, she undertook a mission to infiltrate the Black Sun's operations on Rodia. The Black Sun had begun a profitable operation on Rodia stealing large quantities of BlasTech weaponry earmarked for the Empire. Kerrie's assignment was to gather information and then contact Captain Ordo to begin an assault of the Black Sun compound.

The operation on Rodia went well until the Black Sun included her in their meeting with the corrupt BlasTech official who was providing them access to the weapons. The Empire had not made BlasTech corporate security aware that they inserted an operative into the Black Sun. Investigating the matter themselves, they raided the secret meeting on their own initiative. One of the BlasTech security guards managed to shoot Kerrie in the chest. As she fell unconscious, she instantly reverted into her natural Clawdite state. The Black Sun easily defeated the poorly trained BlasTech security forces and then they turned their attention to the wounded Clawdite.

The Black Sun interrogated Kerrie for hours. First, they beat her. Then, they tortured her by submersing her head in freezing water and shocking her with bolts of electricity. By the time her interrogation was completed, she was near death. The Empire did not launch a rescue mission because an overzealous BlasTech official reported her dead. The BlasTech operation had failed miserably and they felt reporting some Black Sun causalities would help them save face. Disappointedly, Captain Zevrin closed her file on her and left Kerrie to rot in a Black Sun cage.

Kerrie's Mabari training kept her alive. Somehow she managed to find the will to keep the fact that she was an Imperial operative a secret during her interrogation. However, the Empire did manage to shut down the Black Sun arms smuggling ring on Rodia and she took the brunt of the blame. Broken, Kerrie used what womanly charm she had left to appeal for mercy from one of the guards. Once freed, she used her martial arts techniques to kill the guard silently. Arming herself, she made her way through the Black Sun compound. On her way out of the compound, she killed each person that had the misfortune to cross her path. Before she reached the exit, she made sure no one inside the compound was alive.

While convalescing, Kerrie decided that she no longer wanted to spy for the Galactic Empire. Instead, she outfitted herself for the blood trade known as bounty hunting. She operated in the Outer Rim Territories, where the bounties paid more because of their illegal nature. Most of the bounties she collected resulted in the target's death. Because of this, she soon realized that she had become an assassin, rather than a true bounty hunter. To most people, this would have been troubling news, but not to her.

When she was twenty-four, Kerrie had to cut her career as the galaxy's most exotic and enigmatic assassin short when she received unexpected news. Her parents were alive and working as smugglers for the crime lord Gradjaa the Hutt. When she arrived on Nar Shaddaa, she had a tearful reconnection with her parents and to her surprise, a younger sister named Kristen after her mother. Her father apologized for not returning to Zolan to reclaim her, but they explained how they would not have been able to get past the Imperial blockade.

Kerrie offered her father the money she had saved so he could retire from smuggling. Her father told her regretfully that he could not accept what he considered "blood money." Instead, he asked her to pilot one of his company's freighters, since he could no longer afford to pay his pilots. Her father was an honest man and justified his actions by only transporting stolen goods and never weapons or narcotics. Hurt by what she perceived as a condemnation of her life, she left Nar Shaddaa and never saw her parents again.

Unknown to her father, one of Gradjaa the Hutt's rivals infiltrated his records and sold his list of employees to security forces across the galaxy. As her father delivered a shipment of goods to Corellia, the Corellian Defense Force identified the vessel as a shipment of stolen Huttese goods. They ordered him to surrender, but he had his wife aboard and could not bear to see her imprisoned. He futilely attempted to evade the Corellians, which forced them to open fire. The pursuing Corellian vessels managed to hit the freighter several times, destroying it. There were no survivors.

A fellow bounty hunter who Kerrie worked with from time to time contacted her with the news of her family's death while she was pursuing a bounty on Thyferra. Devastated, she immediately traveled to Corellia to investigate what had happened. She gathered all pertinent information, including the name of the brash young officer responsible for her family's death. Stalking him for a period of several days, she made her move when he entered a bar in Coronet. Once he was sufficiently drunk, she took him to a secure location and treated him far worse than the Black Sun had ever treated her. Finally, she killed him, but this failed to satisfy her rage.

Kerrie became an alcoholic in the weeks following the murder. She spent all of her money on every type of chemical she could find in order to suppress her rage. When the credits ran out, so did the alcohol. No longer self-medicated, she became determined to fulfill her vengeance. She decided to take it upon herself to kill every individual connected to her family's death. She nearly succeeded, until she reached the last name on her list, Admiral Claudius Rodney. Rodney was the member of the Senate most responsible for terminating her father's contract twenty years ago. Although it would be difficult to get that close to an Imperial officer, she vowed to die trying.

Kerrie studied Admiral Rodney unlike any target she had done before. She learned that he loved the limelight and was never one to shy away from interviews on Imperial Holovision. Posing as a beautiful Twi'lek reporter, she infiltrated the Admiral's monthly news conference while participating in the blockade of the planet Ithor. When the Admiral was in her sights, she drew a carefully concealed holdout blaster and shot him in the abdomen. As he fell to the ground, she began to bash him over the head with her datapad. She was completely mad with rage. It did not take long for the Imperial Stormtroopers to subdue her, dragging her away kicking and screaming before they finally knocked her unconscious.

When Kerrie awoke, she found herself inside of a holding cell. This was not as distressing to her as the fact that she saw Admiral Rodney alive and well on the outside of her cell. During her brief interrogation, she had no qualms explaining the role he played in the death of her parents. Although she had nearly killed him, the Admiral was unwilling to dispose of such a rare commodity as a Clawdite assassin. Instead, he promised to provide her with enough missions to fill her bloodlust in exchange for her loyalty and service. Once again, she chose the lesser of two evils and returned to service in the Empire.

Promoted to the rank of Captain, Kerrie became Admiral Rodney's right hand woman. She assisted him in a number of capacities, including making sure no assassin ever got as close as she did. During their assignment to suppress the alien worlds of the Outer Rim, she proved particularly useful by blending in to the local population and gathering info. Each person she killed avenged her parents in her mind, but it did not lessen her rage, instead it helped to fuel it. The more people she killed, the more she needed to kill. The Empire eventually rewarded her efficiency with a promotion to the rank of Major. Now, at age twenty-five, she continues to serve the Admiral in his new capacity as commander of Imperial forces in the Ringali Shell.

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