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Hell Flight, Era of Rebellion, Moving Day, Plots, Schemes, Etcetera, Mating Season, Unexpected Company, Affliction, Wrath, and Need, First Contact, Mess Deck, Building Bridges, All Bets Are Off, The Ant Hill, Kitty Litter, Questions and Answers, Innocence Lost, Hapans Bearing Gifts, Bold Offensive, Teshik's Folly, Coming to Terms, The Regional Governors..., A Day Long Remembered, Tremayne, Burning Bridges, Chiss Chastisement, Pecking Order, Invasion: Ringali Nebula, A Walk on the Bridge, Target Practice, The End of the Beginning, Of Sorrow and Comfort, Wild Bantha Chase, Close Calls, Foiled Grand Entrance, A Certain Kind of Crazy, The Retributor, Error Code: 0x0959286, Checkmate, Rain of Death, Clever Manipulation, Unleashed, Welcome Home, The Losing Team, Love and Marriage, Absolute Abdication, Run Away and Never Return, I've Just Seen a Face, Woe Unto Chandrila, Crushing Hearts, Most Valuable Chiss, A Late Shower, Higher Love, A Strange Request, Holodeck Commanders, Auntie Sierra's, Unanticipated Alliance, 20,000 Credits
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