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Yekaterina "Kat" Hanson is a 28-year-old human female from the planet Alderaan.

A former member of the Alderaan Guard tasked with protecting the Royal House of Alderaan. Personality conflicts with superiors led her being demoted and reassigned to the neighboring planet of Delaya in an unimportant position, which had the unintended consequence of saving her life.

Unable to stomach life on Delaya after the installation of an Imperial Governor she openly joined the Rebellion risking her life on repeated occasions. Although some would call the risks unnecessary. Forever changed by the loss of her homeworld and her family her thirst for revenge is seemingly unquenchable.

She is equipped with a standard issue rebel A280 blaster rifle and maintains her DH-17 blaster pistol from Alderaan service. More recently she has taken to using a knuckle plate vibro blade and vibroknuckler, which she finds more satisfying - but require her to get close in for the kill.

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