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Delaya is the third planet from the star Alderaan in the Alderaan system. It was the sister world of Alderaan before the latter's destruction by the first Death Star.


Lady in the Lake, Love is an Open Door, A Storm of Emotions, First Light, Endless Obstacles, Step on Laurels; Lie on Thorns, I Just Can't Wait to Be King, Labor of Love, Moving Day, Meet the Parents, The Late Mrs. Rodney, The Shape of Things to Come, A Meddlesome Mom, Snared, Feet of Betrayal, An Unlikely Hero, It Takes a Thief, At First Sight, To Catch a Thief, Invasion of Privacy, Premarital Bliss, A Bath for Two, Ijaa bal Kote, Shuk'la, Haryc B'aalyc, Almost Goodbye, First Love, A Quaint Lunch, The Ice Palace, Back on the Hunt, Sixteen and Pregnant, Destination Wedding, Late Night Snack, Pap Smear, Image of the Future, Some Assembly Required, The Failing Duke, Auntie Zara, Heirsplitting, The Lost Son, The Refugee Recruit, The Creature From the Frozen Lake, I Love Zara, A Woman Scorn'd, Popping the Poachers, Heir Presumptive, A Cold Decision, Heircut, The Dress, Drunk Duking, A Mating of Thrantas, Private Dining, The Burdens of Brotherhood, An Arctic Paradise, The Alderaanian Adoptee, A Shot in the Dark, The Bastard, Heir Apparent, Our Alderaanian Cousin, CSI: Leiliani, Sleepless Nights, Daddy's Girl, Family Reunion, Out of the Mouths of Babes, A Walk to Remember, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Sisters, Tea Time Tension, Magic Thranta Ride, Checkmate, Deception, So This is Love, Tale as Old as Time, Palace Intrigue, Big Semihappy Family, The Gift, Third Time's a Charm, Wesa Build a Crib, Worlds Collide, A Visit to Brother, The Walking Dead, Broken Promises for Broken Hearts, Cat's Out of the Bag, When the Man Comes Around, Somewhere Only We Know, Last Resort, A Girl Named Callista, The Circle of Life, Morning Mourning, The End of a Reign, The Shampoo and the Servant, The Family Pet, Succeeding at Succession, Monster-in-Law, The Getaway, In the Blue of the Evening, The Unwelcome Visitor, Hakuna Matata, Birthday Bash, A Great Escape, The Wrath of Papius, The Longest Road, No Rest for the Wicked (or Good), Two Long Months, Knowing Where You Stand, We're in This Together, Something Wicked This Way Comes, How to Catch a Duchess, SOS, Bed Rest, Turning of the Tides, A Helpful Mandalorian, Sororicide, Ain't No Party Like a Rodney Party, Ashori's Pledge, Poker Face, The Terrible Man, The Board is Set, The Pieces are Moving, We Come to it at Last, New Alderaan; Same Problems, Pulling Strings, The Shattering Truth, There's No Place Like Home, Don't Mess with the Grand Moff's Wife, And All Things Will End, Run Away and Never Return, Heavy Lies the Crown, The Longest Day, Mind Games, Saving Commander Xergo, Playing the Fool, Punishment Before Passion, I Have Three Hearts, Blessing in Disguise, The Curse of Papius Arundel, How Far I'll Go, How Far I'll Go, Command Performance, Such Great Heights, A Tale of Two Rebels, The Secrets of Rodney Castle, Fathers and Daughters, 525,600 Minutes, Scenes from a Gungan Restaurant, Family Retreat, Sister, Sister, Sia Later, Ohana, And I Love Her, Finding Farrah, Curious Squibs, I Can't Believe I Ate the Whole Thing, The Nose Knows, A Dash of Sass, Auntie Mae's Revenge, The Kingslayer, Beneath Still Waters, Zootopia, Times Like These, Curiouser and Curiouser, Tubthumping, Bruised, Not Broken, A Not So Great Honor, The Importance of the First Word, A Very Happy Birthday, The Big 4-0, Ultralife, An Ithorian Affair, A Brief Encounter


bullet Germanicus Rodney's undersea lair
bullet Hot springs
bullet Imperial garrison
bullet Leiliani
bullet Alderaan Guard headquarters
bullet Auntie Mae's ice cream parlor
bullet Bombad Gungan Restaurant
bullet Fred Pollag Leiliani
bullet Marketplace
bullet Medcenter
bullet Plyum Gardens
bullet Rodney Castle
bullet Spaceport
bullet Tarkintown
bullet The Captain's House
bullet Marcus Rodney's chalet
bullet Sanctus Mons
bullet Sea Islands
bullet Claudius Rodney's retreat


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