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Esseles is a planet located along the Perlemian Trade Route in Darpa sector of the Ringali Shell. It is the third in position in the Essesia system and has one moon.


The Crystal, Neimoidian Fate, Mercy to None, First Encounter, Unknown Cargo, Wicked Stepchildren, Marketplace Mayhem, Bedtime, Surprises, Good Intentions, Having to Say You're Sorry, A Day at the Races, Shattered Success, Call Me Ishmael, Keeping Up Appearances, Pleasant Interruption, The Last Nail in the Coffin, The Tea Party, The Final Defeat, The Nerf Herder, A Knight and Her Armor, Far From Alderaan, Bargains and Bargaining Chips, Lies, Mistrust, and Deceit, Awakening, Spying on the Spy, Glimmers of Hope, So Long, Sulon, Barriers, The Pawn, The Raid, A Meddlesome Mom, Ithorian Interlude, Snared, Travel Fatigue, A Day at the Beach, Engraved Invitation, The Kid, The Mouse That Roared, The Grand Bargain, Duel on Esseles, Acceptance, A Day Long Remembered, Caged, Spilled Milk, The Rescue of Dimona, Scare Tactics, She Who Dares, Wins, Easy Prey, Do-over, The Cool Uncle, Kianapping, Forced Sabbatical, Close Calls, Hapan Happenings, A New Woman, Into the Void, Someone to Watch Over Me, Ori'vod, An Unusual Date, True Affection, The Message, An Awakening, Enhanced Interrogation, The Price of Freedom, Imperial Insanity, A Million Tiny Pieces, The Long Goodbye, An Explosive First Date, The Chase is On, Return of the Apprentice, The Anniversary, Some Refurbishments Required, Horror Vacui, Transfer Orders in the Morning, A Reality Trial is Planned, Unplanned Stowaway, Feels Like Ten Years, Rain of Death, Coming Home, Real Love is Forever, Catfight, Vengeance is a Bitch, Daddy's Little Man, The Walking Dead, Daughter, Sometimes Things Get Complicated, With a Little Help from My Friends, Moonlight Serenade, A Home Suited for Royalty, Compromises, A Match Made in Hell, How to Catch a Duchess, Bed Rest, Ewwiekewwieikkie and the Lost Ark, The Winning Team, We're Simply Meant to Be, Sneaking Around, Gloomy Goodbyes, Don't Mess with the Grand Moff's Wife, Trials and Tribulations, The Beast and the Harlot, The Sound of Silence, Callista's Mad Tea Party, You've Got a Friend in Me, Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend, Life is But a Dream, A Million Ways to Die, When the Shit Hits the Fan, I've Just Seen a Face, Starry Night, So Long and Thanks for All the Fish, The Baby-sitters Club, Cena Interruptus, Get Out of Jail Free Card, It Had to Be You, Catastrophe, A New Best Friend, Lost and Found, How Do You Solve a Problem like Drusilla?, Meeting the Twins, A Bantha Fit for a Squib, Make Way for Prince Pollix, Life's Like a Jump Rope, Don't Have a Sea Cow, Family Annihilator, Orphans Aplenty, Judgment Day, Today's Victory; Tomorrow's Defeat, The Other Shoe Drops, Major Mommy, A Necessary Evil, A Game of Cat and Mouse, Never Sleep Alone, Most Valuable Chiss, The New Family, Duck, Duck, Squib!, A Late Shower, Take it Easy, Shuffling the Cards, Kerrie's Conundrum, Five Little Ducks, Higher Love, The Admiral's Daughter, Claudius and the Angry Inch, A Dash of Sass, Not So Evil Stepmother, Where Soul Meets Body, The Boy Who Talked with Animals, A Spoonful of Sugar, Panic! at the Lakehouse, The Best Medicine, A Name, Auntie Mae's Revenge, Makeout Point, Midnight Taunt, Speed Racer, Sad Stories of the Deaths of Kings, Zootopia, Pool Party, Good Morning, Esseles, Cat's in the Cradle, Animal House, Three's a Crowd, A Gungan Surprise, Baggage Claim, Mission Impossible, Sunshine of Your Love, Auntie Sierra's, Fighting the Bad Fight


bullet Alliance underground bunker
bullet Calamar
bullet Cantina
bullet Entertainment district
bullet Forad party headquarters
bullet Hotel
bullet Ixion Chall's estate
bullet Marketplace
bullet Spaceport
bullet The Calamar House
bullet Tonric Serev's safehouse
bullet Imperial garrison
bullet Larius Lacus
bullet Drive-in holotheater
bullet Sierra Rodney's lakehouse
bullet New Calamar
bullet Auntie Mae's retro restaurant
bullet Avetti's
bullet Bank of New Calamar
bullet Claudius Rodney's estate
bullet Concert Hall
bullet Jelena Rodney's apartment
bullet Jizz club
bullet Marketplace
bullet One Stop Baby Shop
bullet Pet shop
bullet Spaceport
bullet Terril Naval Base
bullet The Strand
bullet Ty Anzion's apartment
bullet Zoo
bullet Nurrale
bullet Fort Cravus
bullet Slums
bullet Spaceport
bullet Togatto Speedway
bullet Puer Minusculus
bullet Auntie Mae's rib shack
bullet Sierra Rodney's campsite
bullet The Void


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