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This estate in the mountains near New Calamar and the Terril Naval Base is the home of Grand Moff Claudius Rodney and his family.
Wicked Stepchildren, Marketplace Mayhem, Bedtime, Surprises, Good Intentions, Having to Say You're Sorry, Shattered Success, Call Me Ishmael, Keeping Up Appearances, Pleasant Interruption, The Last Nail in the Coffin, The Tea Party, The Final Defeat, Far From Alderaan, Bargains and Bargaining Chips, Awakening, Glimmers of Hope, Barriers, The Raid, Ithorian Interlude, Travel Fatigue, A Day at the Beach, Engraved Invitation, The Grand Bargain, Acceptance, A Day Long Remembered, Spilled Milk, Scare Tactics, She Who Dares, Wins, Forced Sabbatical, Hapan Happenings, A New Woman, Coming Home, Real Love is Forever, Vengeance is a Bitch, Daddy's Little Man, Daughter, Sometimes Things Get Complicated, With a Little Help from My Friends, Moonlight Serenade, Compromises, How to Catch a Duchess, Ewwiekewwieikkie and the Lost Ark, The Winning Team, Gloomy Goodbyes, Don't Mess with the Grand Moff's Wife, Trials and Tribulations, The Beast and the Harlot, The Sound of Silence, Callista's Mad Tea Party, You've Got a Friend in Me, Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend, A Million Ways to Die, When the Shit Hits the Fan, I've Just Seen a Face, Starry Night, The Baby-sitters Club, Cena Interruptus, Get Out of Jail Free Card, Catastrophe, A New Best Friend, Meeting the Twins, A Bantha Fit for a Squib, Make Way for Prince Pollix, Life's Like a Jump Rope, Don't Have a Sea Cow, Orphans Aplenty, Today's Victory; Tomorrow's Defeat, The Other Shoe Drops, Major Mommy, Never Sleep Alone, Most Valuable Chiss, The New Family, Duck, Duck, Squib!, A Late Shower, Kerrie's Conundrum, Five Little Ducks, Claudius and the Angry Inch, A Dash of Sass, Not So Evil Stepmother, Where Body Meets Soul, A Spoonful of Sugar, Panic! at the Lakehouse, The Best Medicine, Auntie Mae's Revenge, Makeout Point, Ice Cream and Tea Houses, Speed Racer, Sad Stories of the Deaths of Kings, Pool Party, Good Morning, Esseles, Cat's in the Cradle, Animal House, Baggage Claim, Sunshine of Your Love, Auntie Sierra's, Fighting the Bad Fight
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